About Me

This is what I do.

Hi, I'm Sujit. I am a Product Growth lead at Databricks. My team is empowered to drive user growth by enhancing the sign-up and on-boarding customer journey.

Prior to Databricks, I worked with Atlassian, LinkedIn, Edmodo, and UTRC as an employee. And I worked with Shopkick, Affirm, Entelo, Cheetah, Datacoral, and Woven as an advisor with a focus on data science, machine learning, and product growth.

Deep down, I'm a mix of geek and nerd. Erudition is important to me, and so is traveling. I love nature for the serene and immersive experience she offers, and as an observer with paper, pencil and equations.

Outside work I enjoy DIY, cooking, photography, carpentry, sewing, aquascaping, and concerts. I plan to share fascinating observations on this blog!